At Lokrit, we know how to combine our clients’ preferences and personalized details into sustainable landscaping projects that pass the test of time. Prioritizing our clients’ needs and aligning them with strict national and international standards, we create outdoor spaces that are a work of art in harmony with their surroundings.

Harnessing our two decades of experience, our landscaping projects embody the prestige and standing of our clients to radiate luxury and style. Our work stems from the cumulative expertise of our international team of landscape architects, irrigation engineers, horticulturists, contractors, and managers.

Effective landscape management requires the ability to deliver a complete range of services.

Our long term experience in international market specially in Middle East where everything related to landscaping are artificially created, gives us the ability to provide single source, single contract solutions to all landscaping issues.

Our services combine intelligent cost control and multi-layer problem solving exercise, thus giving a complete landscape management solution.

Outline develops successful, long lasting relationships with those we serve. We believe in business relationships, grown from a solid foundation of quality, value and trust.

We strive to exceed our client’s expectations in every area of contact, and to consistently deliver the finest landscape services available.

Outline has the expert staff and equipment to complete any kind of landscape projects from
residential to commercial projects like Golf courses which can meet world class standards.

From parks to podium, our landscape architects generate attractive, functional and environmentally sustainable spaces to improve the lives of those lucky enough to experience them. A thorough assessment of the existing or predicted social, ecological and geological conditions is undertaken by our team prior to engaging in a rigorous design process.

Through these processes we have added immeasurable value to our projects, whilst working hand-in-hand with many of the top clients and consultants.

Our ability to work directly with clients to deliver the very best design at an agreed budget, whilst ensuring selection of the most appropriate, environmentally sustainable materials and the highest quality of construction ensures that the integrity of the design is not compromised in any way.

Our Execution and Maintenance division will work with the client and the original design team to ensure the design intent is achieved to the highest standards as the landscape develops and matures.

Water is the most precious resource in this planet and every drop of this fast depleting resource counts.

At the same time plant grows well only if they are well irrigated.

A trade-off between the two demands a well-designed irrigation system. Irrigation department of Outline is headed by specialists with over 25 years international experience in execution of many iconic projects.

This includes golf courses in Middle East, Africa, Europe and Indian Sub-Continent. Boulder Hills Course in Hyderabad and Heritage Golf in Mysore are two projects designed by this specialist.

A properly designed and executed irrigation system ensures application of the right quantity of water at the right time and the right location. This avoids wastage of water, at the same time ensuring healthy growth of plants.

The control can be automatic as well, with irrigation controller which switches on and off the irrigation system at the right time for the right duration. For large projects with multiple controllers and weather station a computerised centralised irrigation system can be provided.

Our irrigation specialists are continually trained in world’s latest available irrigation technologies.

From manual valves to satellite control systems, Outline has the expertise to design, install, troubleshoot, repair, and effectively maintain any type of system.

An understanding of Local diverse growing conditions and wide variety of plant materials is essential to produce a beautiful and healthy landscape.

Our staff of experts applies both education and experience to the design of our projects that meets unique requirements of UAE & India.

Water feature Design & Installation

Outline has a team of water feature specialists who designed and installed a number of
projects in the Middle East.